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Pacific Biomarkers

About Us  

Announcing Singulex
Erenna Immunoassy Technology

Pacific Biomarkers announces the expansion of its services portfolio to include ultra-sensitive biomarker assays using the Singulex Erenna Immunoasay technology.

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Biomarker Collaboration

PBI will provide access to its extensive menu of validated biomarker assays to support WuXi PharmaTech, a leading pharmaceutical company in Shanghai, with integrated clinical trial testing services.

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Pacific Biomarkers adopts
Cira platform

Pacific Biomarkers will now provide enhanced clinical laboratory services to researchers analyzing biomarkers using the Cira platform.

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Together We Offer More.

The Pacific Biomarkers-Clinigene partnership combines biomarker support for clinical trial research of the former with development capabilities of ligandbinding assays of the latter in a cost-effective business model situated in India.

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Pacific Biomarkers has provided clients with specialty biomarkers services for more than 20 years, and has one of the largest biomarker libraries in the industry.  Read More

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Announcing Singulex
Erenna Immunoassays

Innovative single-molecule counting technology (SMC), these services provide sub-picogram sensitivity.

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New Partnership:

Pacific Biomarkers and Clinigene: Together We Offer More.

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